Nashville Internet Exchange



A while ago we had a little vision.

Anytime someone sends something out over the Internet in Nashville, the data has to travel through Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas before getting to where it needs to be. Even if it's just going across the office to your coworker.

As we looked around and saw Nashville's growing position in the tech community, we knew this solution couldn't last for long. A few of us came together to form the NashIX.

The Nashville Internet Exchange is a carrier-neutral, open-access peering network. The localized connectivity will make the Internet faster and less expensive. And, because of our commitment to all members, everyone's traffic is treated equally, ensuring fair, fast Internet for everyone. This, in turn, will enable new innovation and opportunities for connectivity for Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and beyond.

The NashIX is a significant part of the infrastructure that will solidify Nashville's standing as an American tech hub.

NashIX Data Sheet for 365 Data Centers